Let's talk and have fun!

Hi Everyone, It is going to be a regular conversation meetup at Quantum coffee. That means two things:
1 - we ask you to buy something (anything!) at the coffee shop
2 - you can choose your chair.

Is this your first time to participate and you are too shy? DON'T WORRY! Every time there are 20 to 30 new people at the meetup. Do not hesitate to come to the meetup! You are not alone!! Irene and other people in the meetup will welcome you :)
1. This is not a relationship club. If you are coming here to pick up girls or whatnot, you will be expelled. Thanks for your understanding
2. From now on, membership cards expiration dates will be checked, the expired ones will also have to pay the fee. No new cards will be given, so from now on the fee will only be charged by participation. *****************************************************************************
If you can't make it, mark yourself as absent so other people can join instead. ***We kindly ask you to buy something from the cafe so that we can keep this cafe for our next meetup!*** See you all this Saturday :D *****************************************************************************

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