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Hello there!

Talk about São Paulo region is almost the same as talk about São Paulo city -the largest city of Latin America. A multi-ethinical city, filled with beatifull places, museuns, cafes, parks, people everywhere, walking, working, living the life of the restless city.
Also, when we talk about São Paulo, we must say about it region strenght in Brazil, because São Paulo's economy is the powerfull between other regions. I addition, São Paulo is the richest cultural diversity you'll probably find in Brazil!
So, welcome to the 'drizzle land' network, more known as São Paulo!

A São Paulo Catedral. Also a city with wonderfull monuments.


Lessandra profile picture LessandraOctober 2012
I'm brazilian. Is there someone here interest in learning portuguese and teach english for me?
TOULOUSE1 profile picture TOULOUSE1August 2016
shirleivanessa profile picture shirleivanessaOctober 2012