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Mordilon profile picture MordilonFebruary 2010

My name is Willy, just got back from rio de janeiro I was here for 5 days during carnaval and even thought I been there before this time I was amazed by how happy people are in Brasil, must to had been the carnaval atmosphere or whatever but the true is I fell in love with Brasil and it's people and want to learn more about it.   specially the lenguage.... I speak English, Spanish and some French love to make new friends

  • paulagomes profile picture paulagomesAugust 2012
    hey, my name is Paula and I am from rio de janeiro, so I can teach you about my lenguage and my city. I want to improve my english, so I would really like to talk to you. bye!
  • Rikabastos profile picture RikabastosFebruary 2012
    My name is Rikardo. Were are you living, Willy? I live in Niteroi and Angra dos Reis, I speak English and I love to teach about Brazil, Portuguese etc. Write me, will you?
  • Alynee profile picture AlyneeFebruary 2012
    Hi, my name is Alyne... I'm brazilian... I don't speak English very well... But i'm speak Portuguese very well, and i can teach you speak... hahahaha!!! See you later.
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