Let's go out for a drink or two !!

Event description

  • Date: Oct 14, 2021
  • Time: 19:00
  • Address: Address visible for attendees
  • www.meetup.com

We are back again! There are some rules to follow, and if you do RSVP make sure you do attend. We have reserved seats outside and inside as per the latest regulations.

• When?
Every second Thursday we organize a meetup. You can find all planned meetups in the right sidebar of this page under 'upcoming meetups'.

• Where?
We try to do each meetup in a new bar so you can get to know Antwerp a little better each time. The exact location is usually set a few days before and automatically emailed to you. You can then also find it on the meetup page.

• How to find us?
Be on the lookout for a big international English-speaking group.

• First time here?
We are happy to have you! Most of the meetups consist of roughly 50% regulars and 50% newbies. So no reason to be nervous. We are all very friendly, easy going people and love making new friends :)

See you soon!


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