Take every opportunity to speak!

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  • תאריך: Jul 31, 2010
  • Time: 19:00
  • כתובת: Address visible for attendees
  • מספר טלפון: 0479244273

Dear Polyglots!


Just tug yourself and your friends to the gathering and grab the opportunity to speak some languages!

Mostly we speak Russian and German, but French, English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and all other languages are heartily welcome!

Now is the heart of summer. Let’s discuss our vacations and the beautiful places for vacations!

For all the Polyglots - experienced and beginners - who are interested in language exchange gathering.

The idea is to propose a reunion to speak as many foreign languages as possible.

Heavy-duty-foto cameras are welcome!! :-) Please register if you are interested =)

WERE? Applique Bar Chaussée d’Alsemberg 83, 1060 Bruxelles

WHEN? on Saturday 31 of July 2010 at 19h00

HOW MUCH? Our meetings are free!

Ready for comments =)

Assia (0479244273)


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POLYGLOTCLUB of Brussels meeting ! .... (Brussels, Belgium)POLYGLOTCLUB of Brussels meeting ! .... (Brussels, Belgium)POLYGLOTCLUB of Brussels meeting ! .... (Brussels, Belgium)POLYGLOTCLUB of Brussels meeting ! .... (Brussels, Belgium)POLYGLOTCLUB of Brussels meeting ! .... (Brussels, Belgium)

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pat profile picture patAugust 2010

  Glad the Brussels chapter of Polyglot Club is BACK ON TRACKS! Keep it running, this is priceless =)

maria88 profile picture maria88August 2010

When is the next meeting?

Al-99 profile picture Al-99August 2010

Great stuff Assia.  It was good to be back.  I am looking forward to the next one already!



The_Globetrotter profile picture The_GlobetrotterAugust 2010


Let's go for the next one soon !



vincent profile picture vincentAugust 2010



Asuscha profile picture AsuschaAugust 2010

Dear all!

Our first polyglot meeting in Brussels after a long time was a great success - thanks to all of you!

On popular demand, we are going to continue the success story by having our meetings on a bimonthly basis. So please reserve every other Saturday night for the polyglots - I look forward to seeing you again!

See you soon!


fredschmitz profile picture fredschmitzAugust 2010

I spent great time = speaking mainly Dutch and Spanish, and also some German, Russian and Italian.

Very nice and friendly people = I hope strongly to meet you again -)

Thanks Assia for bringing us together !

And the appointment is for next time (next week ?) ! 

Fred (thepolyglot)

vincent profile picture vincentJuly 2010

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