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Karina25 profile picture Karina25   
Привет!мне очень хотелось бы выучить итальянский, в обмен могу предолжить русский и немецкий. Пока
    September 2012
  • Waltercari profile picture Waltercari   
    Hallo. Ich kann ja Italienisch, obwohl es nicht meine Muttersprache ist. Möchtest du aber, dass ich dich Spanisch lehre? Ich würde sehr gerne Russisch weiter lernen,
      December 2013
  • Nikoo_ profile picture Nikoo_   
    Servus. Se vuoi io parlo italiano e ti potrei aiutare con il tuo tedesco
      September 2013
  • Blumenwiese profile picture Blumenwiese   
    hehehe .. funny I could only say ... Island people. However, Irland is a realy nice place with nice people.
      February 2013
Blumenwiese profile picture Blumenwiese   
Hello everyone, I would like improve my english skills because I have my english exam in june. I like meet new people, explore new foreign cultures and places. I work in a Travel Agency, this Job is a good opportunity meet new people and to show different places of the whole World!
    February 2013
Aziz11 profile picture Aziz11   
Hi, I'm Aziz from Saudi Arabia, I'm 23 years old and I'm studying Industrial Engineering. I work as an English teacher as a part time. I learned some German when I was in Innsbruck, and I'm fluent in both English and Arabic.. Feel free to contact me, I use all most all kinds of communications :P
    December 2012
TineM profile picture TineM   
I'm a little bit confused at the moment. I spent 3 whole month in Ireland and NOBODY was able to even know where Austria is and German was a miracle, nobody could even say hello in German, and now everybody from Ireland on this side is perfect in German but can not speak English... really strange
    October 2012
Sunseeker93 profile picture Sunseeker93   

Hello together I speak german fluently and I would really like to teach it to everybody I want to improve my english, and it would be great if somebody could teach me. My name is Steve, I'm nineteen years old and I'm from Austria. Best regards

    September 2012