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luchensyd profile picture luchensydApril 2010

Hi, everyone,

Would there be anyone in Sydney Australia who is interested in meeting in May or June?

Please express your interest by commenting on the post so that I would organize the party.



  • Elainedreamer profile picture ElainedreamerApril 2012
    This is Elaine Zeng. I'm a new member and would like to attend the next meeting either in late April or May=] look forward to knowing more friends there! cheers
fm_yurik profile picture fm_yurikJuly 2013
Hi, I'm Yuri from Russia. I enjoy answering questions like "Is it true that in Russia..." Feel free to ask!
zzboy profile picture zzboyApril 2012
Hi I'm Austin ZHANG from Australia.
Anyone wants to practise English and Chinese with me?
Hangpham profile picture HangphamSeptember 2012
hi!my name is Hang.I am from Vietnamese.I am trying to learn English and would love it if anyone could me out!
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