Mate Club Diverso: Multi-Idioma / Multi-Language Exchange!

Ante la demanda CONSTANTE de nuestros materos, que quieren practicar otros idiomas además del inglés, pero con la misma dinámica de siempre, pensamos este encuentro.
Nos juntamos a merendar algo rico, en un ambiente tranquilo, divertido y relajado, matecito de por medio.

19 a 20.30 hs
En Post Street Bar: Thames 1885

¿Qué idiomas se van a poder practicar?
Haremos todo a nuestro alcance, para que sean la mayor diversidad posible: alemán, francés, portugués e italiano están asegurados para estos primeros encuentros, pero esperamos que sean muchos más!
A cambio, todos los extranjeros quieren que los locales los ayudemos con el español: a coparse y ayudarse mutuamente!

Reservá tu lugar, decinos tu idioma nativo y el que querés practicar: [masked]

Mate Club Diverso: Multi-Languages exchange between natives!

You already know it: we firmly believe that direct contact between natives is the best way to practice any language, get fluency to express yourself, and communicate your ideas and feelings.
Given the constant demand of our participants, who want to practice other languages besides English, but with the same dynamic as always, we thought about this meeting.
We get together to eat something delicious, in a quiet, fun and relaxed environment, “matecito” by means.

What languages are we going to practice?
We will do everything within our reach, so that they are as much diversity as possible: German, French, Portuguese and Italian are insured for these first meetings, but we hope they are many more!
In return, all foreigners want locals to help them with Spanish: to get together and help each other!

RSVP ASAP: Tell us your native language and the one you want to practice: