Polyglot Club Setif

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The club is active in the youth center Said Boukherissa . We have weekly meetings in which participants can speak different languages ​​through several fun and educational activities. Participants sit in groups according to the chosen language, each group has a language proficient moderator who coordinate the meeting between the members of their group. 
At the club we use a modern learning method called Gamification of Learning, using recreational activities and social games to motivate participants to learn in a short time, and to improve the level of speaking easily and smoothly. 
We organize special editions of a subject such as music, cinema, tourism, science or history ... from time to time, on the one hand, to break the routine, and on the other, to learn new things in a particular topic.

Club meetings 
These are weekly meetings that last for 3 hours and include fun and educational activities, in which participants are divided into several groups. Each group is assigned to a specific language under the supervision of a qualified moderator. 
The two-hour meetings are organized from time to time outside the club, usually in gardens or parks, for participants with a higher level of speaking skills, hangouts include few activities such as debates and others focusing on speaking. 
Are meetings about a specific subject such as cinema, science or tourism ... chosen by general vote of club members, often conducted at the youth center, but occasionally organized as trips to places of tourism or concerts or elsewhere, for example the edition of history which was organized at the archaeological site at Djamila or the barbecue party organized in Larach Park. 
The open days are organized several times in the season to introduce the club and its various activities. The participation is open to all interested people to join the club, where the presentation summarizes the activities of the club and its objectives and other points.

Club philosophy: 
- Mutual respect is the most important thing in the club. It is not allowed to discriminate on any basis, and everyone is required to listen to others to speed up activities. 
- The mentality of the club is very open, giving the participants a wide space of freedom of expression to present different opinions in different subjects, even if they are considered taboos in society. The other part is expected to listen, understand and not judge. 
- All are equal, there is no teacher and student, or advanced and beginner, or old and young ... All participate to exchange knowledge. 
- We believe that hours of lectures and lessons daily are not the best way to learn, or at least not enough, so the club, as a complementary method opens the way for learners to entertain themselves with various activities and learn the language by speaking,

Club Goals: 
- Providing an opportunity to learn and practice languages, especially the love of learning languages 
- Give everyone the opportunity to learn a little bit of each language, which means to become POLYGLOT 
- Provide an encouraging environment to express personal views on different topics 
- To enhance participants' learning capacities 
- Involve them in cooperative tasks that help them be more friendly and sociable 
- Providing participants with skills for external use, such as teamwork, debate and public speaking skills, tolerance, active listening, linguistic intelligence, non-verbal intelligence ...

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Hi Guys , i congratulate you for doing such a wonderful meeting in Setif , i wish i could assist next time inshallah , (Ramadan Kareem)
    Last month
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It's good ..where is it exact in setif
    December 2018
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    good luck
      February 2019