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Hi everybody!

Welcome in Algiers Network!

              Algiers has always been a culture molten pot. People of different cultures and origins meet there.  The best   way to share and discover someone's culture is to master their language. We aim through this  space to improve everybody's language level in order to promote the cultural exchange.

            I ask and expect you to be as dynamic and enthusiast as possible to establish a strong and lasting Polyglot Community.

          I trust you and believe in you!

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babel02 profile picture babel02November 2012
je serai très ravie d'apprendre avec tout s’eux qui veulent apprendre merci
babel02 profile picture babel02November 2012
hi ou bonjour ou bien السلام عليكم
Abderaminsky profile picture AbderaminskyOctober 2012
Umberto Eco a bien raison d'affirmer que la Traduction est la Langue de l'Europe !!! En le paraphrasant , nous dirions que cette "Traduction" sera ,plutot,la "Langue du Monde" !!!

Μιλάνε για εμάς!

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