How to become a VIP member?
How to become a How to become a VIP member VIP member [?]
You can choose ONE of the following ways to become a VIP member:
    Become VIP member if you invite 5 friends or more.
  • Join the Translation Team
    Become VIP member if translation team members vote at least 5 times for your translations.
  • Post Language Learning Videos
    Become VIP member if you post more than 20 videos.
  • Make a donation (click below): [?]
    Become VIP member for a donation of 5 Euros or more.

Why become a VIP member?
As a VIP members, you will have the following privileges :

Appear on Top on search results
Send more than 35 messages each day
Attend VIP meetings
Priority for attending special parties
Contact members with MSN, ICQ, SKYPE or Yahoo
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