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Welcome to United States Polyglot Network!

Welcome! ¡Bienvenidos! To the United States Polyglot Network!
My name is Tiger, and I'm the United States Admin here and if you have any questions or concerns, please send me a message. :)
Me llamo Tigre y aquí soy el administrador de los Estados Unidos y si usted tiene preguntas entonces envíeme un mesaje, por favor.
I speak German, English, and Spanish. I also understand French. You may address me in almost any Romance or Germanic language.
Hablo alemán, inglés, y español. También entiendo francés. Usted me puede contactar en casi todas las lenguas romances o las lenguas gérmanicas.

Florie-AnneMarc profile picture Florie-AnneMarc   Hi! I'm Belgian and I speak french. I want speak english with an American people! It will be cool!! Bizzz!
  • Seacelo profile picture Seacelo   Ca you help me with my english?
Aghileswantlearnen profile picture Aghileswantlearnen   Hiiii I'm algerian , i speack good the french language but my english level is not bad but i want to improve it , so if there anyone interest , so you have just to contact me ^^ and i'll help you
mounimos profile picture mounimos   Hi i'm from morrocco and i want to speak english with someone plz
Sunflowerka profile picture Sunflowerka   Hi everybody)))) I like to learn english ,and I want to improve my knowlege skills in it with native speakers. So I can help you with russian and ukrainian as well!!!!!
monaokimary profile picture monaokimary   Hello! :з My name is Mary, and i want to find a new English friends! I'am 13^^
Yuradem profile picture Yuradem   Hi, can anybody talk to me in Skype?