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Welcome to United States Polyglot Network!

Welcome! ¡Bienvenidos! To the United States Polyglot Network!

Hello linguists, amateur and professional alike! My name is Anthony Naprstek and I am the Nebraska Administrator, and my job is easy-make language exciting! I cannot wait to get to know all our active members, and I hope to meet all of you as I have many meetings planned for the future! 

Personally, I am a student at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, and I am double-majoring in Business Marketing and Linguistics. I hope to travel with my career and learn to communicate with as many people in this world as possible. I am a very open person when it comes to ideas or ways to solve a problem, so please do not hesitate to talk to me about anything that comes up. I want feedback on how I am doing, or how I can do better, and if YOU have any ideas for our get-togethers!

Au revoir

shahedo56 profile picture shahedo56   hi ! i speak arabic very mush but my english level is good i need more help
Florie-AnneMarc profile picture Florie-AnneMarc   Hi! I'm Belgian and I speak french. I want speak english with an American people! It will be cool!! Bizzz!
  • Seacelo profile picture Seacelo   Ca you help me with my english?
Aghileswantlearnen profile picture Aghileswantlearnen   Hiiii I'm algerian , i speack good the french language but my english level is not bad but i want to improve it , so if there anyone interest , so you have just to contact me ^^ and i'll help you
mounimos profile picture mounimos   Hi i'm from morrocco and i want to speak english with someone plz
Sunflowerka profile picture Sunflowerka   Hi everybody)))) I like to learn english ,and I want to improve my knowlege skills in it with native speakers. So I can help you with russian and ukrainian as well!!!!!
monaokimary profile picture monaokimary   Hello! :з My name is Mary, and i want to find a new English friends! I'am 13^^