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Useful kurdish phrases. ( ).. ..

hello every one, here are some basic kurdish phrases that i thought i would share it. . .hope its useful


Mn- Me, I'm              To- You (singular)        Aw- third person her/him              Ewa-You plural          Awan- Them/ They 


slaw - hey/hi/hello

chonit? - you ok?, how are you?  / how is it going?
(chonit is an informal way of asking some one how they are)

bashit?- you are fine?/ are you ok?

supas- thank you, thanks

zor supas- thank you so much. (Zor means  loads, alot, very much)

Asaiya- its ok/you are welcome ( when some one thanks you, you say ASAIYA, meaning  you are welcome and its ok)

Nashrin- Ugly .

To nashrinit- You are ugly  (

Jwan - nice, pretty

Jwana- its nice/pretty , its cute

To jwanit- you are nice, pretty (look good)

Naxushm- I am sick, i dont feel well.

Nayam- I am not comming.

Wara- come, come here, come on.

Da wara- Ouh come on!/ please come!      (informal)

Azizm- my sweetheart, my dear     
(used by evryone especially among  friends  or couples)

Awa - That

Xushawistm- My lover , my sweetheart     
(used by  couples e.g. wara xushawistm - come on my love).

xushawistakam - MY lover, my gf/bf  (used when saying awa xushawistakama - That is my lover NOTE: awa is used for both male and female.

Xushawisty - Love , affection (awa xushawistya - that is love)

Dll- heart

Dlakam- litterally mean MY HEART but its used to express love e.g. wara dlakam - come on my love/my sweetheart 
(its a nice way of letting some one know thay are very special and important to you, just like you heart)

Xushm Aweit - i love you

Hazm leta- i fancy you, i likee you

xushm aweit azizm - i love you sweetheart

Gul- flower

Gulakam- My flower (litteraly), Darling,Dear, Sweety,   it is used for telling some one they are YOUR pretty flower, e.g Xushm Aweit Gulakam- i love you darling.

Maro - Dont go, Dont leave
( wara, maro - come here, dont go)

Wara bolam - come to me, come and visit me. or come to my place.

Tuxwa- for gods sake, also used  to say  PLEASE.

Tuxwa wara - please come.

Wala- i swear to god, honest/honestly.

Barasta?- Are you serious?/ no jokes?/ really?

well thats it  for now, if you have any questions do let me know, i will be posting more Kurdish words and phrases in the future.

i hope you find it useful.

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