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Useful kurdish phrases

Hello everyone, here are some basic kurdish phrases that i thought i would share it...I hope it's useful wink

Mn - Me, I'm             

To - You (singular)       

Aw - Third person her/him             

Ewa - You plural         

Awan - Them / They 

slaw - hey / hi / hello

chonit? - You ok?, how are you? / how is it going? (chonit is an informal way of asking some one how they are)

bashit? - You are fine? / are you ok?

supas - Thank you, thanks

zor supas - Thank you so much. (Zor means  loads, alot, very much)

Asaiya - It's ok / you are welcome ( when some one thanks you, you say ASAIYA, meaning  you are welcome and its ok)

Nashrin - Ugly.

To nashrinit - You are ugly

Jwan - Nice, pretty

Jwana - It's nice/pretty , It's cute

To jwanit - You are nice, pretty (look good)

Naxushm - I am sick, i don't feel well.

Nayam - I am not comming.

Wara - Come, come here, come on.

Da wara - Ouh come on!/ please come! (informal)

Azizm - My sweetheart, my dear (used by evryone especially among  friends  or couples)

Awa - That

Xushawistm - My lover , my sweetheart (used by  couples e.g. wara xushawistm - come on my love).

xushawistakam - MY lover, my gf/bf (used when saying awa xushawistakama - That is my lover NOTE: awa is used for both male and female.

Xushawisty - Love , affection (awa xushawistya - that is love)

Dll- heart

Dlakam - litterally mean MY HEART but its used to express love e.g. wara dlakam - come on my love/my sweetheart  (its a nice way of letting some one know thay are very special and important to you, just like you heart)

Xushm Aweit - I love you

Hazm leta- I fancy you, I like you

xushm aweit azizm - I love you sweetheart

Gul- flower

Gulakam- My flower (litteraly), Darling,Dear, Sweety, it is used for telling some one they are YOUR pretty flower, e.g Xushm Aweit Gulakam- i love you darling.

Maro - Don't go, Don't leave (wara, maro - come here, don't go)

Wara bolam - Come to me, come and visit me or come to my place.

Tuxwa- For gods sake, also used to say PLEASE.

Tuxwa wara - Please come.

Wala- I swear to god, honest/honestly.

Barasta?- Are you serious? / no jokes? / really?

Well that's it for now, if you have any questions do let me know, i will be posting more Kurdish words and phrases in the future.

I hope you find it useful. smiley

sybille profile picture sybille   Thanks
Atom111 profile picture Atom111   Hello. Can you translate something from kurdish sorani to English?
Greenmouse profile picture Greenmouse   

I have a poem in English , can someone translate that for me in Kurdish Sorani ? 

vincent profile picture vincent   Hi there
umutek profile picture umutek   

yes ı thing your kurdish is a bit different from our kırmanci?

where kurdish can you speak??

  • przha profile picture przha   Umutek I speak sorani kurdish and yes it is different to Kirmanci dialect
  • ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP profile picture ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP   how to translate this words to english ,,Mn awenm ba to baxshy namzani henda bewafay! !!! Mn amrdm bo nawe to tosh bo kaseky tr azhyay? !! Dle mn sarezh la xam u chawan prr bun la greyan! ! Mn bo xawny bayak bu nu tosh ba awaty dabran! ?Wam azani tosh wak u mn xawan ashq w xawan bryaret! !!! Ta ku mrdn mn nat burm chunka to xeyanat karet!!!!,